Phresh Start to a New Year

Hey guys! My name is Annie and I started this blog today.

There are several reasons that I have finally gotten my butt into gear about doing this:
1. I would finally have a reason to use the make up and nail polish I already had
2. It helps me document what I have done
3. This was a part of my goals for the year!

I actually have several goals for this year!

1. Update this blog at least once every two weeks
I have had sites and blogs in the past but I keep finding myself neglecting them. So, in hopes that I do update once in a while I will attempt to update with something new every two weeks! Hopefully, I will stop my bad habit of walking away and neglecting my blog forever.

2. Read and try to complete a book every month
It has been an extremely long time since I have managed to read and complete a book out of pleasure and not because it was for school. Since I have at least one year off from school now I am going to try my best to read a book every month and try to get back into enjoying what I read.

3. Start a new anime series each month
I had not watched a proper anime (or really any) until last year or so but even then I only find myself watching 2-3 series that entire year. So, as part of my goals for the year I am going to try and watch a new series each month. Luckily for me, my series for this month is going to be 'Working'!!' This is the second season of the anime and it is adorable. I can only wonder what my next one is going to be.

4. Use my camera more
I am not going to lie, the only time my camera had gotten a heck of a lot of action this year was for Anime North in May where I did two day of private photoshoots back to back. My legs and arms killed the day after the con but the toning I did was worth it. Alas, I want to get better. So, I am going to try and use my camera more often this year. If I am going to do photoshoots I am not going to shoot back-to-back shoots again. That was a horrible idea and I did not realize how many people would be interested in my photos.

5. Be happier
I think this is a goal that everyone can work towards. :) A lot of things happened this past year; more good than bad, luckily. I can only hope this year can be an even better one.

Hopefully, this blog and I will have a great year ahead of us!


  1. Blogging is therapeutic, so keep at it, it'd be fun, promise :)

    Don't forget to blog about what's new at Shoppers, I'll sure be checking in or at least get on twitter and tell me all about deals there lol

  2. Halifax: I will definitely tough it out and try to continue blogging! Social media has shortened my attention span when it comes to things on the internet.

    I will definitely try! There always seems to be something new every week at Shoppers, for some reason. As for deals, it is a hit or miss. Sigh. But I will definitely try and put some info up. :)

    I have a twitter but I hardly ever use it, to be honest. :( It has been a while, indeed.