Nyx Girl: Under the Moon (NGP 221)

Hey guys! I am currently wearing this polish from Nyx Girl called 'Under the Moon'. It's a blue jelly-like polish with holo and hexagonal sparkles. I originally bought this along with several other Nyx Girl polishes and some other brands.

Ever since I was given my first bottle of Nyx Girl polishes I have been loving them! The colours were adorable and the formulation was what I loved. I had use Nyx Girl's 'Frizzy Spots' a week before from the same batch and loved the formulation of that and its easy application that I had expected similar results from 'Under the Moon'. However, I found myself having more issues with this one than the other one. The larger sparkles are hard to get out from the bottle so I spent quite a bit of time shaking and stirring up the bottle to get them out. It will probably be a while before I wear this one again but the colour is adorable! Maybe I'll layer it over some other polishes. It took three coats to get this amount of opacity.

With flash (on my crappy phone camera since I am horrible with shooting manual with a DSLR with only my right hand)
Without flash (also on my shoddy phone camera. DUR. I need a new point-and-shoot camera)

Have you tried any Nyx Girl polishes? Have any that you constantly keep going back to?


  1. Verrrry pretty color. And I love your nails!

  2. I'd suggest to put the bottle up side down for a bit before painting your nails so that the large particles are easier to fish out. Also dab the brush on your nails instead of swiping it :)

  3. gosh, this polish was beyond! it looks like Mediterranean water, clean and all! also, i'm addicted to glitter! and hey, we could be your first followers!//Azure

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